Sunday, November 29, 2015

Day to day life in pictures

I was looking through my photos that Google + backed up from my phone and wanted to post a few of them. Just normal stuff that happens day to day with this family.

Lots of time playing in the yard:

Pokey Grass

Picking Flowers

Giving them to Mom

Wearing them

Eating them
Playing at the playground on campus--the only playground around.

These two both love the swings

Lots of food messes. 
Oatmeal everywhere! This girl loves putting food in her hair. Almost every meal.

They got into the fridge and pulled out the frosting and started sucking it out. 

Pleased as punch with themselves

We eat lots of bananas. Especially William. And then leaves the peels everywhere.


More Flour

Every water bottle she could find. Oh, and some garlic,

The orange was too sour for her

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  1. That sour face is adorable!! Missing your cute family.