Sunday, November 29, 2015

Day to day life in pictures

I was looking through my photos that Google + backed up from my phone and wanted to post a few of them. Just normal stuff that happens day to day with this family.

Lots of time playing in the yard:

Pokey Grass

Picking Flowers

Giving them to Mom

Wearing them

Eating them
Playing at the playground on campus--the only playground around.

These two both love the swings

Lots of food messes. 
Oatmeal everywhere! This girl loves putting food in her hair. Almost every meal.

They got into the fridge and pulled out the frosting and started sucking it out. 

Pleased as punch with themselves

We eat lots of bananas. Especially William. And then leaves the peels everywhere.


More Flour

Every water bottle she could find. Oh, and some garlic,

The orange was too sour for her

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Turtles at Rosalie Bay

Yesterday we drove two hours to the other side of the island to see the opening of a baby leatherback turtle nest. The organization is called Dominica Sea Turtle Conservation Organization. Here is their Facebook page as well. The main turtle expert is Simon; he and others watch the beaches at Rosalie Bay to see where the big female Leatherbacks lay their eggs, and then they move the nest to a safe protected area. After the incubation period is done and as many baby turtles as could dig their way out of the sand have left and made it to the ocean, Simon opens up the nest to help any others that are too weak to dig free on their own. We drove down there with several other families who are also here for med school in a van driven by one of our favorite transport drivers, Peter. We got there a little early (the nest opening was scheduled for 4 PM), so we walked around throwing rocks in the river and ocean and just hanging out.

Eventually we walked down the beach to the nesting area to watch the nest excavation.

This is us with Simon, the turtle expert.
Simon explained a little bit about what they do and about the Leatherback turtles and then started digging up one of the nests. He found two little turtles that hadn't quite dug their way out. He set them aside to finish digging up the nest to count the empty egg shells, the rotten eggs, the partially developed embryos, and the yolk-less eggs for research purposes.

Some of the kids hovering around the turtles in the bucket.
He dug a short way down in another nest to get two more baby turtles as well and then carried all four a bit closer to the ocean, so they could crawl the rest of the way down. Some of our group got to hold the baby turtles, but they say it isn't recommended and one of the other guests was yelling at people about holding them, so we didn't hold them, but we got some pictures with them crawling.

William watched them for a little while, but he was more interested in playing in the sand and collecting seaweed than he was in watching the turtles.

It was really cool to see them. It was amazing how they knew where the ocean was. Simon said it was because of the light. We washed William off from playing in the sand, ate some quick snacks for dinner, and loaded back up in the van for the long drive home. We got home around 8 PM, so it was a long afternoon/evening and the kids didn't love the long drive, but it was a neat experience that we will probably never have again, so I am glad we did it.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Purple Turtle Beach

So, since Jason had a semi-break from classes this last week, he let me drag him away from studying for a few fun outings. One of them was a trip to Purple Turtle Beach which is just about 2 miles to the north of us. We got a late start because of a busy morning and delayed nap time for Savannah, but we packed some sandwiches for dinner and got to the beach around 4 PM. It was actually a beautiful time to go because it was a little overcast and not too hot. We just spent two hours there, but had a great time and wore everyone out in time for bed.

This was actually from earlier in the day.
While we were shopping, this guy gave
William his own little mini pineapple.
It was delicious. 
Testing out the water
This was the first time that I really let her crawl
 around in the sand and do what she wanted and she loved it. 

Jason coming in from snorkeling
I found a little octopus just flipping around on the sand.
He had been washed up with a wave. 
William thought it was pretty cool.

Catches of the day (and my catch from 4 years ago :)

Here is a video of us playing with the octopus.

It's hard to see, but the octopus inked as it swam away.
I'd never seen that before, so that was really cool.
Meanwhile, Savannah kept playing in the sand
and covering herself in it.

Mine and Savannah's sandy feet